In 15 years (read 20 years) the impossibility and fraud of "green energy" and going all electric will be exposed and over. Or our economies will be so obliterated it won't matter.

That the left is willing to destroy the environment to "save it" tells you everything you need to know about the veracity of their claims.

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Nonsense. Utter nonsense. No idea why this Swedish story got any traction.

I am the CEO of the world's largest rare earths mine in Greenland. Tanbreez (https://www.tanbreez.com) has far more rare earths and is only a few years away from production.

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Another great post, Robert.

Re: Admin's new loan guarantee for the lithium mine in NV, it occurred to us to hope it's only extraction and not processing. The latter takes a lot of water. In case it didn't occur to DoE or the Admin, NV has been just a bit stretched for water of late.

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