Sitemap - 2021 - Robert Bryce

Fox News hit, offshore boondoggle, Forbes, Jack Lifton, and Right Whales

WSJ piece on rare earths, Forbes, Easterbrook, & Doves

Coming soon

NY's gas ban is regressive, Puerto Rico needs nuclear, & Cormorants!

Getting past “doomism,” new Power Brief on rare earths, and new binoculars

Angelle talks offshore, World Petroleum Congress next week, a “dainty falcon”

CSPAN has Senate hearing, Chris Keefer, Wild Turkeys

My Senate ENR testimony (47 footnotes!), Hanekamp on coal

Next Tuesday at Senate ENR: IEA, EIA, and BOB

Gordon Hughes on offshore wind, Maine voters reject transmission, Sandhill Cranes

My Senate testimony, Richard Herrington on minerals, American Robins

Testifying before Senate next week, Entine on genetic literacy, Goldfinches

Ausubel on decarbonization & Leonardo, Forbes piece, Tufted Titmice

The Iron Law of Electricity, Mark Nelson on the "rot" in Britain, a Golden Eagle

Sierra Club’s wind blackout, offshore wind, Downy Woodpecker

100k downloads, Berman: Oil is the economy, Big Herons

Biden’s solar plan, McKinnon talks politics, birding books

What’s good for Generac’s bad for America, Swamp Thing, Gnatcatchers

Pielke’s Iron Law, CO poisonings, Antoine Saab, & Caracaras

Cali's Green Jim Crow, Pamela Ronald, GM's EVs are on fire, Scissortails

Lebanon's electricity crisis, Pielke on the podcast, Herons vs Egrets

Isaac Orr on the podcast, American Goldfinches in Roseville

DMN piece on the blackouts, Alex Epstein, Pacific Wrens

Peter Osnos on the podcast, American Dippers in the mountains

Global electricity demand is soaring, Williamson on podcast, & Painted Buntings

Nuclear plants are "industrial cathedrals," EVs, & Egyptian Geese

Shipyard reactor fabrication, global electricity demand, & a Tajik dog

My Congressional testimony, a theologian talks CO2 & sin, & Cardinals

58 Podcasts in 52 weeks! M Angwin back for the 3rd time, CA's soaring elec prices, Bald Eagle in OK

$66B spent on renewables in TX (and $22B in subsidies) Daily News, Rupert Darwall on the podcast

Texas ratepayers saddled with $38B in excess costs, public nat gas, the joy of birdbaths

Our "epic strategic advantage” on energy, back on the speaking circuit, Cardinalis cardinalis

Shellenberger back on the podcast, IEA's 'roadmap' to nowhere, birding at Barton Springs

Koonin on Unsettled, podcasts galore, our Carolina Wren den

Utility Worker Union rep says Indian Point closed because of "fear," Yellow-billed Cuckoo

My WSJ piece on the backlash against Big Wind, four new podcasts & "bullbats"

Indian Point closure: a sad day for nuclear, propane on the podcast & Warblers!

300 rejections of Big Wind, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll on PHP, new Forbes, Golden-cheeked Warblers in town!

Offshore wind's lousy for consumers, Keefer on podcast, ERCOT-fix roadmap, quoted in NY Times, more warblers.

Joy Ditto talks public power, warbler fallout at High Island

Dana Harmon talks energy poverty on the podcast, two new Forbes pieces, Carolina Wren makes a house call

TX Leaders out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas, Ben Heard on the podcast, Downy Woodpecker and Barred Owl

New Forbes on regressive energy policy, Zion Lights on the podcast, Say's Phoebe

Bill Peacock on the podcast, Pyrrhuloxias in Big Bend

Blackout Week continues, two new in Forbes, yellow-rumped warblers

Blackout autopsy has begun; podcasts, pandas, and a red-shouldered hawk

Blizzard Exposes Perils of “Electrify Everything,” Angwin on the Blackouts, hermit thrushes!

Juice now on Roku, Todd Moss on the podcast

"Massive industrialization" of the oceans, Amazon's energy use, Tom Gryta re "Lights On"

Biden should save existing reactors; More from Madison County.

Biden should save existing reactors; More from Madison County.

Big Wind rejected by the bridges of Madison County; Three new podcasts.