Sitemap - 2022 - Robert Bryce

2022 Recap: 68 Podcasts, 44 Speaking Engagements, 52 Articles, 96 Videos, Launched Substack, Smeared by McKibben, And Had An Almost-Illegal Amount Of Fun (Bird of the Year: Red-shouldered Hawk)

Bill McKibben's Dishonest Claims About The Rural Backlash Against Renewables (And Me) In The New Yorker

Big wins for parrots and whales, "about a minute" videos get traction, Rothrock talks fusion and the NRC, and...Orange-bellied Parrots

“Energy Switch” is must-watch TV, my C-Span segment, Ausubel on "peak human," and Northern Harriers in Osage County

I’ll be on C-Span tomorrow morning, new pieces in The Hill & WSJ, Zeihan on the podcast, and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Adios, Mailchimp. Hello Substack! New articles in Forbes & RCE, Rapier on the podcast, Nuthatches aplenty

New preface for AQOP, Simon Michaux on metals, mining, & alt-energy, Dark-eyed Juncos at Oxley

New Forbes & RCE, Reiner Kuhr on electric grids, a bird re-discovered in Papua New Guinea

Juice screening at COP, voters veto Big Wind, Ridley updates Viral, Bluebirds in Georgia

Sunak’s gift to Putin, if oil didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it, Postrel talks fabrics, and Lynx rufus

New articles in RCE & Forbes, podcasts w/ Peiser & Korsnick, and... Starlings in DC

New Quillette and RCE, Björn Peters talks Europe, American Crows in A-town

Soaring solar rejections, Keefer on Pickering extension, in praise of $100 binoculars

Ausubel win Nierenberg Prize, Alexander Stahel on Europe’s electricity crisis, Gambel’s Quail in AZ

The Hill on Manchin’s permitting bill, two new podcasts, $100 binoculars

PR needs nuclear, two podcasts: Smith and Tverberg, American Goldfinches

A big win for nuclear in Michigan, Piñon talks Cuba, Buteo lineatus

EU’s fertilizer crisis, Shellenberger talks Diablo, and Baltimore Oriole

Big win for Diablo Canyon, two podcasts -- Harpole & Tinker-- and a Sage Thrasher at Ouray NWR

Two new Forbes on ERCOT debt, Wilson on the podcast, Evening Grosbeaks

New piece in The Hill, French & Ungar-Sargon on the podcast, Mississippi Kites in OK

CCS in RCE, King of Tik Tok!, Grid Brief, Elizabeth Muller, & Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

NY Daily News, RCE, & Forbes, Alhajji on the podcast, bird baths in the drought

New Forbes and RCE articles, Pielke on the podcast, Egrets in East Texas

Manchin saved taxpayers $300B, two podcasts: Grossman & Constable, & a bobcat visit

New Quillette & Newsweek, Isaac Orr on PHP, & Painted Buntings

Global electricity boom in The Hill, Wind Bans in RCE, Davis on The Bald Eagle, Indigo Buntings

Booming coal use cancels US reductions, Tiffany D. Thomas on the podcast, Summer Tanagers

Carl Wurtz: batteries are "useless," stumped by a Bulbul

"News" letter #100, Invenergy sues Iowa cty, Toby Rice on the podcast, two Red-shouldered Hawks

Newsweek: Biden’s gift to China, Kuntz on the podcast, & Brown Thrashers

Palisades closed, coal soars, Penney & Kugelmass, Barn Swallows

Iron Law of Power Density, three podcasts!, and American Crows

Crawford County is 330th wind rejection, Bremmer on Power of Crisis, & Eastern Bluebirds

NOT an interview w/ Vaclav Smil, Mulvaney on solar, a visit to Hawk Mountain

New Forbes & Newsweek, Nelson on nuclear in Europe, and GC Warblers

US wind rejections now at 328, Linowes & Keefer, EEI & Atlas, Yellow Warblers in MI

“Green” groups love turbines, not birds, Kennedy on magnets, a wrench of warblers

Newsweek: stop subsidizing the slaughter, Fordney on podcast, American Bird Conservancy & Raptor Education Foundation

NextEra’s “blatant disregard” for wildlife, Hanekamp talks food, Big Solar spanked in Maine, Eagles

200k downloads, Alhajji on podcast, wind & solar rejections, Black Phoebes

Wind Turbines of Madison Cty, Kotkin, Foreign Policy video, & Black-throated Sparrow

Podcast #100! w/ Shreya Jai, Foreign Policy event, no Cedar Waxwings

New WSJ & Quillette, Beiser and Harpole on podcast, Magpies

Forbes on NRC, two podcasts, that’s not a Tufted Titmouse!

Two new Forbes, Irish on the podcast, Tufted Titmouse

New Forbes, 3 podcasts, Power Brief, & Chickadees can expand their hippocampi

What’s good for Generac is bad for America, Sadoway talks batteries, Sapsucker at McKinney Falls

Sierra Club loves turbines not whales, Oklo rejection, John Constable, Cooper’s Hawk

Renewable rejections surged in ’21, Joe Craft talks coal, Madison County update, & Spotted Sandpiper

Coal piece in The Hill, Power of Power Density, Irina Slav & bird feeders

150k downloads, ERCOT sued again, Ramachandran on green colonialism, Blue Jays

Ridley talks Viral, Forbes pieces, new power brief, and Red-bellied Woodpeckers