Sitemap - 2023 - Robert Bryce

God Bless Substack And A 2023 Recap: 64 Substacks, 38 Speeches, 146 TikToks, 58 Podcasts, & A Crazy Amount of Fun

Federal Judge Sides With Osage Nation, Orders Removal Of 84 Wind Turbines

Two Days After COP28, IEA Delivers More Coal Hard Reality

COP28 Gets Coal In Its Stocking

Michigan Dems Big Foot The Locals



Tally Of Wind/Solar Rejections Hits 601; X-energy Layoffs; Tony Abbott On The Podcast

The Alt-Energy Bloodbath In 10 Charts

Federal Data Shows, Again, That The Electrify Everything Push Means Higher Energy Costs


Overcoming Corruption

Ford Lost $62,016 For Every EV It Sold In 3Q

Women, Electrified

Powering The Unplugged

Michael Bloomberg’s $1 Billion Assault on The Electric Grid

Drill, Baby, Drill

Wind Blows

Actually, Solar Is Getting 302 Times More In Federal Subsidies Than Nuclear

Solar Energy Is Getting 200 Times More In Federal Subsidies Than Nuclear

Nuclear Now?

Lineman Shortage Continues, Israeli Police Refuse To Secure Golan Wind Project

More Proof That The Electrify Everything Push Is A Regressive Tax

The Anti-Nuclear Industry Is A $2.3B-Per-Year Racket

The Iron Law Of Power Density, Part 2

The Power Of Power Density

Massive Riots, Renewable Resentments

Unplugged: Ford Lost $72,762 For Every EV It Sold In Q2

Fire Sale

“Green” Jobs At Ford And GM Will Cost Taxpayers As Much As $7.7 Million Each

I'm On Jordan Peterson’s Podcast Today

Carbon Myopia

Electrifying Democracy

The Energy Transition Isn't

Let Them Eat Solar Panels

The Iron Law Of Electricity Strikes Again As Vietnam Boosts Coal Burn

No U


47,300 Gigawatt-Miles From Nowhere

The EPA's China Syndrome

Mothers, Electrified

EPA v. The Grid

Ford Is Losing $66,446 On Every EV It Sells

Wisconsin Town Fights Big Solar (And Climate Corporatism)

Ninth Circuit Spikes Berkeley's Gas Ban

Jamie Dimon’s Climate Corporatism

Elon’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Battery Math


California Screamin’

The Dark Money Behind The Gas Bans

Above It All

Japan No Kyoto (Or Net Zero)

At Fukushima Daiichi

EVs Indicted

The Anti-Industry Industry

No Solar For Scranton Joe

Out Of Transmission

Wyoming Wind Projects Pose “Profoundly Dangerous” Threat To Golden Eagles

The Billionaires Behind The Gas Bans

Why Shipyards May Be The Future of Fission

Swedish rare earths won’t dent China’s monopoly for decades

Solar Energy Rejections Soared in 2022

Going for it on Substack, final Friday "news" letter, David Keith on Geo-engineering

New NOAA map shows North Atlantic Right Whales in very same areas targeted for offshore wind development